Hot Vs Cold Water For Face Washing

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If you want to clear your face but confused among hot VS cold water for face then you are at the right place. In this article you will come to know about the difference between hot and cold water for face by which you can easily come to understand which kind of water suitable for your face. If you are interested, then make sure to stay till the end and washing face hot versus cold water includes the same procedure as there is no difference in that.

There are many things you will come to know about hot and cold water and their effect on the face and skin so it will be going to help you a lot

skin types

Information on hot water

Hot shower or hot water on face can feel quite relaxing at that moment but it might not be the best option for many of the skin types. The skin type Mets a lot in choosing the hot and cold water so if your skin is highly sensitive then you shouldn’t go for the hot water. Instead of hot water you should go for the cold water because that will take care of the sensitivity of your skin on the face and also it will help in removing all the natural oil from it

Information on cold water

It is said that cold water on the face is good only for those people who skin is sensitive in nature. If you have a puffy looking skin, then this cold water is perfect for you and you should use splashing method for washing your face. Cold water can wake you up in the fresh in your skin early in the morning so if you are interested then you should consider your skin type first.

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