Advertorial Content

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Advertorial Content

We create sponsored posts, also known as advertorial content, in collaboration with brands that align with the values of our audience. Brands, and subsequently products, must be vetted and tested in accordance with our editorial policy before any sponsorship agreement can be reached.

Sponsored content allows brands the opportunity to ensure that their product or campaign is featured on DB Cooper Con, the timing of the feature and that key product details are communicated. All opinions remain the authentic thoughts of the DB Cooper Con team and are not for sale.

We see sponsored content as a collaborative effort between ourselves and brands, allowing us to create better content with higher production value. Rates are calculated on a per-project basis that includes equipment, staffing, and production costs in addition to site exposure, and each sponsorship is customized to meet campaign goals.

Currently, sponsored content is obtained through existing relationships, word of mouth, and influencer networks.

Banner Advertising

Currently, DB Cooper Con ads are served via Google AdSense. Although we regularly filter and monitor the ads that are served, we are not able to see every ad, as many can be based on your geography, browsing data, search history, and more. If you should see an offensive ad on our site, please don’t hesitate to let us know at [email protected] so we can address the issue.

The  main areas I work in are beauty, fashion, celebrity & music. After working on various makeup counters & for different brands I decided to take the plunge and move to Tucson to pursue my dream of becoming a freelance makeup artist.