CooperCon 2019 :: November 22 - 24 :: Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

CooperCon 2019

CooperCon 2019

Please join us at CooperCon 2019 and hear experts discuss all aspects of America's only unsolved skyjacking. There will also be ample opportunity for audience questions and discussion. Moreover, a special emphasis is being placed upon creating social events this year for people to get-together and have fun over food and drinks.

See a real Cooper $20 bill from the ransom money found, a parachute just like the one Cooper used, a tie clip just like the one Cooper left behind on the jet, a properly sized bank ransom bag filled with $200,000 in "Cooper cash," and much more. 

Authors will be on-hand to autograph copies of their books.


For those interested in joining the DB Cooper conversation, visit The DB Cooper Forum. It's a FREE blog site that a lot of known DB Cooper experts frequent.

CooperCon 2019 - Panel Discussion

CooperCon 2019 - Catherine Scott

CooperCon 2019 - Post CooperCon Social

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Marty Andrade is a Minnesota-based writer who has written four books, including "DB Cooper: Chasing the Last Lead in America's Only Unsolved Skyjacking." A Cooper investigator for over five years, he believes applying sound science and using an interdisciplinary approach will eventually solve the case. Formerly a radio talk show host and podcaster, Marty's current day job is estimating materials for large building projects. An avid lover of mysteries, he will soon be opening investigations in other disappearances and unsolved crimes from his home state.

Vern is a multi-business entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling and bringing truth to light. A student of the sciences, he has since become an author, publisher, and speaker, not to mention golfer, hiker, scuba diver, water skier, and proud owner of the Portuguese Water Dog named DB Cooper. Vern lives with his wife Irene in Michigan.

TOM KAYE (Video Presentation from CooperCon 2018)
Tom is the Principal Investigator for the Cooper Research Team which was granted unprecedented access to the FBI's NORJAK files for investigative purposes. His main scientific interest is spectroscopy which branches out into the fields of paleontology and astrophysics. In paleontology, he leads yearly expeditions for the Burke Museum to recover dinosaur bones. He is directly involved in the controversy over the detection of preserved blood cells and blood vessels in T. rex bones where his work points to a bacterial source. In astrophysics he leads a team of astronomers that are trying to discover an extrasolar planet using spectroscopy to detect the stars wobble. Recently he has been working on analysis of grave goods from the 8,000-year-old Gobero site in Africa as well as the Chinese Feathered Dinosaurs. Tom resides in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Mark Metzler is an active skydiver with over 50 years of parachuting experience. He holds a USPA class D (Expert) parachutist license which required both night and water jumps. Mark also has extensive experience jumping military surplus parachute gear similar to the type DB Cooper used. In 2006 Mark jumped from the rear airstair door of a DC 9 passenger jet flying unpressurized at 14,500 feet. Mark's diverse career path includes skippering commercial fishing vessels and practicing as a criminal defense attorney. He earned a BSEE degree from UC Berkeley and has designed patented electronic circuits for implantable medical devices. Mark is an aviation history buff who finds air mysteries such as Amelia Earhart's disappearance and DB Cooper's case absolutely fascinating.

Darren is the creator and host of The Cooper Vortex, a podcast covering the many facets of the DB Cooper case and the community created by it. A huge fan of the Cooper Caper, Darren has started to present himself as an expert on the case and so far, most people seem to be buying it. Darren lives with his wife and two children in a 100-year-old farmhouse he's fixing up near Boise Idaho.

Bruce A. Smith is an investigative journalist and the author of DB Cooper and the FBI - A Case Study of America's Only Unsolved Skyjacking. He writes extensively about Norjak at his online news magazine, The Mountain News-WA, and has consulted or appeared on numerous podcasts and documentaries on DB Cooper, most notably the History Channel's "Case Closed?" in 2016, and the Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown" episode in 2017 on the money find at Tina Bar.

Eric is the author of GHOST: Unraveling The Enigma of DB Cooper. In 2019 his research enabled him to re-identify the 1980 money find spot on Tena Bar. Eric was a commentator and producer on the TV show High Stakes Hold'em which aired nationally on Comcast SportsNet. In addition to the Cooper mystery, Eric is a fan of politics, sports, a good drink and a good cigar. After putting college on hold for “far too long,” Eric matriculated at the Extension School at Harvard University. Eric resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Catherine was 16 years old at the time of the skyjacking and remembers vividly the events of that day, and specifically, Thanksgiving Day when her father finally returned home after the event. Catherine will have a conversation with Eric Ulis on stage and discuss her recollections and comments from her father of that day and the years that followed as the legend of DB Cooper grew.



CooperCon 2019

Kiggins Theatre

1011 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Saturday, November 23, 2019

10 AM - 5 PM

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